Friday, 27 March 2015

Welcome to A Walk Though the World!

Hi, my name is Shemiah. I'm a high school student with less than a year of school keeping me from the rest of the world. I had originally planned to start this blog once I had already left home, and started my exciting journey traveling the world and was doing exciting things. But then I realized that I don't have to wait. I'm already passionate about a crazy amount of things, why not start the fire burning now so I can keep it going with whatever life throws at me later? There aren't restrictions on blogging, I don't have to have super captivating lifestyle to have an exhilarating blog.

I personally love finding neat ways to use what God gave us as nature to replace the not-so-natural common commercial products in my life, and to really just cut down the amount of things I'm purchasing, if I can find an even better, more effective solution that I can myself do. This fever has only recently (within the past few months) hit, but I am very much aflame for this. The creativity in my has found ways to show itself in numerous forms, that's for sure.

I'm very ardent about numerous art forms such as music, photography, painting, sketching, dancing and writing! I love being able to express myself, and learning how to have a new viewpoint from different perspectives are just so fascinating! I've loved the artistic life for as long as I can remember, and there are a millions ways to showcase the creativity bubbling within your brain.

I also, undoubtedly have a very, very severe case of wanderlust. Ignited by amazing places around the world, and fueled by travel blogs that tell me all about them, I can't wait to go anywhere and everywhere. I've definitely felt a pull, a calling, to experience the world, and share what I can of God's love while I'm at it, and I'm crazy excited to do so. 

From the outside, I just look like a teenage girl on her laptop with a pan of super chocolatey brownies beside her. But on the inside there's so much going on. Isn't that always the case? From the outside the tardis looks like nothing more than a small, simple phone box. But the second you step inside, you're overwhelmed, and perhaps in disbelief of all that's truly there. So hopefully taking the step inside my blog will possibly have a similar effect.